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Validate new ideas

90% of new products and services fail at launch because they were developed in a vacuum. Don’t be one of them.

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Vurvey makes it easy to collect feedback from customers on products, signage, in-store, and any other environment where your products exist.

Collect feedback on new ideas, concepts, and prototypes

Over 90% of new products and services fail at launch because they were developed in a vacuum 😞. Don’t be one of them. Vurvey πŸŽ‰ makes it easy to create unlimited feedback loops with your target audience. Upload sketches, links, videos, and even 3D models to gather important insights along the way that your team (and all stakeholders) crave. Be a hero πŸ’― on launch day by co-creating with your customers!

Because Vurvey is a video survey platform, the power of the feedback you receive is much more powerful than a typical text-only survey. If you’ve sent out a product concept to your test group, they can now record a video with the product, pointing out exactly what they like and dislike.

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Value PropositionsValidate solutions that address pains & gains
New Business ModelsSupport disruptive thinking and blue oceans
Early Sketches See what ideas really stick and why
Product RenderingsGet design input on key features
Marketing & Creative AssetsTest strategies and tactics before launch

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