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Vurvey gives your company a new platform for engagement throughout the entire customer journey. Consumers can now express their ideas and opinions using data and video for a more inclusive approach to NPS insights and customer satisfaction scores.

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“I kept seeing the same ‘professional consumers’ over and over in our focus groups. To find better insights, we needed to change our methods and engage diverse consumers from all over the country. Respondents loved responding from their phones using video at any point in their day. It was a big unlock for our team!”

Sarah Global Marketing Manager


Engage customers while using your products

Rather than waiting for feedback or satisfaction scores, collect data throughout the year using QR-codes or automations. Vurvey helps collecct these scores but also build your CRM to see where consumers are experiencing your product and how they mighht like to engage in the future.


Use NPS questions or design your own approach

The Vurvey builder features question types that help consumers score, rank, and prioritize key features that matter most to them. Each question includes a video follow-up to give insight into the why behind each ranking.


Bring your score to life with dashboards and video

As customers share their scores, Vurvey generates text transcripts, question-by-question summaries, and an analysis view in real-time. Jump into the results, build video highlight reels, and more with a couple clicks. All of your data is mappped to the Creator CRM.

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