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Vurvey is a video survey platform that connects brands with real people. Invite your customers, or tap into creators already here.

Trusted by leading brands

We give you direct access.

Recruit, engage, and collect insights for research projects, testing, co-creation, and more.

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Review Concepts
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How it Works

Step 1

Launch Your Community

Don’t make your early customers sit on a waiting list. Building a community before your product is ‘ready’ will be one of the smartest things you can do. Launch your brand on Vurvey in just a few minutes.

Step 2

Engage Your Creators

Vurvey’s campaign builder incorporates survey and video questions to help creators express themselves in a more powerful way. Build your vurvey, set a limit on responses, and launch it to your community. Creators respond in under 24hrs.

Step 3

Upload and Share Concepts

Your success rate increases exponentially by the number of times you iterate on people’s feedback. Use a campaign to share new ideas, rough sketches, visual concepts, branding assets, or your next marketing launch. You can get valuable insights at every go-to-market milestone with multiple ways to upload and share concepts.

Step 4

Discover Insights

Now that your creator community has responded, it’s time to discover insights and apply what you’ve learned. With Vurvey’s campaign summary views, you can view transcripts, analyze responses, and highlight insights. Vurvey has an in-app video editor to generate and share video reels with your team.

Step 5

Reward as-you-go

Creators love feeling valued and included in the process. Reward them with behind-the-scenes access to content, monetary rewards, product discounts, and more throughout the year. All communities are different, so we left this part flexible and up to you.