About Vurvey

Bringing creators and brands together to build a better future

Our Mission

A world where everyone is a creator

We’re tired of consuming and influencing. The future is creating. Vurvey is a video-enabled insights platform that converts your consumers, customers, and users into active creators to advance what’s next. Will you join the movement?

Turn customers into insight creators


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Our Values

We use our core values to help guide us through our decision making to achieve positive results, working relationships and culture.

  • Positive Attitude

    Stay positive even when the going gets tough.

  • Power of together

    Greatness is never achieved alone. If you want to go farther, go together.

  • Exceptional Effort

    Give your all in everything you do.

  • Less is more

    Quality over quantity.

  • Always be testing

    Never stop at the first solution.

  • Customer First

    Go above and beyond for the customer.

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We are growing fast and hiring in all areas of the company. Interested in working with us? We’d love to meet you!

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Seth Tease

Customer Success

Gabrielle Nielsen


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Erika Larrimer

Consumer Insights

Our Journey

Brief Overview

Born from 2 decades of experience in consumer research, product design, and global innovation teams.

Launch initial F500 customers

Secure Funding & Global Enterprise Customers

Launch Augmented 
Reality, QR, and AI

Public Launch of Platform
& AI Responder

Empowering the 
Next Generation

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