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The brand and creator network

Vurvey is a video-powered network that matches creators with brands to share insights, create new products, and earn rewards. All in one platform.

Companies growing market share with Vurvey

The agile, scalable, and AI insights platform to create direct relationship with your customers. Anytime, anywhere.

Identify Market Wins
Validate Product Experience
Measure Intent & Convert
Drive Lifetime Loyalty

How it Works

Step 1

End-to-end infrastructure in seconds

From DTC brands to global enterprises, Vurvey workspaces combine powerful tools to onboard, segment, and engage your entire customer list. Integrate with your CRM or tap into our global creator network to share insights on your products across every channel.

Step 2

Collect insights without being there

Vurvey’s campaign builder incorporates survey and video questions to help creators express themselves in a more powerful way. Build your vurvey, set a limit on responses, and launch it to your community. Creators respond in under 24hrs.

Step 3

Validate Concepts, Products & Creative

Vurvey helps you increase your success rate through iterative validation with your customers. Share early design concepts, 3D (or physical) prototypes, Creative assets, and more to get insights at every milestone.

Step 4

Analyze & Share Insights

Vurvey AI makes insight discovery easy. Our patented approach to quant and qual analysis combines thousands of hours of video and data across questions to identify unique patterns, trends, and opportunities. Mark-up transcripts, download data sources, and even build video reels all in the same interface.

Step 5

Reward as-you-go

Creators love feeling valued and included in the process. Reward them with behind-the-scenes access to content, monetary rewards, product discounts, and more throughout the year. All communities are different, so we left this part flexible and up to you.